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Fired because his daughter moved away to go to college....

2020.07.13 13:58 Sux2BeYouBud Fired because his daughter moved away to go to college....

Ripe, feel free to use this on Youtube..
Background - Big wall of text as needs some explaination - I had worked for a small independent pharmacy in my local area for about 8 years. 4 of those years with a great owner / manager, until a new owner took over. We'll call the new owner Marv He seemed like a good boss, doing all the right things to keep the business going forward. He increased all staff wages, gave certain benefits etc. Unfortunately, he was also two faced...
As I was the most I.T. savvy, I was asked to do a lot of things within the business. With my own money, I created a new server. I also upgraded all the client systems. There were originally only 2 clients, but I purchased the hardware to create another two clients. This meant more of us could work without having to wait for someone to finish what they were doing to carry on with your work. I handled data protection.. you get the idea.. I was asked to do lots of things that weren't actually my job. I was also made primary keyholder for the pharmacy as I lived closest and if the alarms went off, I could be there within five minutes. Everyone thought of me as the bosses pet. I couldn't do wrong, and was left to my own devices.
A few months after he took over the pharmacy, he decided we were going to have a refurb. The whole shop was going to be gutted, then refitted to make it look more like a 21st century pharmacy, and boy did it need it. We were going to start the first week of November, and hopefully, be ready within 6 weeks. I was asked to sort of project manage the refurb. We had hired a specialist contractor to do the work, but I would be responsible for opening and closing the store, dealing with any issues, being the middleman between the contractors and the boss. I would be arriving at 6am, and leaving sometimes as late as 10pm. I was in charge of the security of the pharmacy while the boss was away.
While this isn't part of the revenge, it just shows how much things changed overnight. One minute I was running everything, the next.. well, we'll get to that...
So six months have passed since the refurb, and I have now gone back to my "day" job. I was working with nursing homes, preparing their patients medications, delivering them, doing reviews with the homes to ensure we were offering the best services to the homes. Since the refurb, we had taken on a number of new contracts with local nursing and residential homes. Everything seemed to be going well for 3 years. Then one week, we had a problem....
There is a system in place for how medications are ordered with nursing homes. Week 1, The home orders the medication from the surgery. They let the pharmacy know the medications have been ordered and then let us know what has been ordered, and that we can collect the prescriptions from the surgery on the Monday of week 2. They also let us know at this point if any patients are in hospital etc, as we cannot collect prescriptions for those in hospital. On the Wednesday of week 2, the prescriptions are confirmed with the nursing home to ensure everything that was ordered is there. It then takes a week to prepare the medications, and they are checked by the pharmacist at the end of week 3 and they are dropped off that weekend ready to start the following Monday.
This particular week, I was informed that patient Joe Bloggs was in hospital so there would be no prescriptions for him. We received prescriptions for all the other 15 patients in the nursing home, checked that everything was there, and started to prepare the medication. I should note at this point that Joe Bloggs is on a very specialised medication. It has to be ordered in from a supplier the other side of the country, and needs to be ordered the day we get the prescriptions, or we don't get it in time to do his medication. As I had been told Joe Bloggs was in hospital, we didn't need to order the medication.
However, what we hadn't been told by the nursing home was that the day after the prescriptions had been ordered, Joe Bloggs had come out of hospital. They had ordered his medication, but not informed anyone. So, the day the medications were delivered to the home. I finish at 3pm as usual and I pick up my sisters kids from school. I go home and sit down for dinner at about 5pm when I received a phone call from the nursing home manager asking where Joe Bloggs medication was... Note, this was on a Friday night, at around 5:30pm. The pharmacy shuts at 6pm. Surgery shuts at 6pm. The surgery is 45 minute drive from the pharmacy. I live even further away. I eventually managed to get the Nursing Home Manager Dave, who was closer to collect the prescription. Phew.. Disaster averted?
The following morning, which was my day off, I went into work to sort out the patients medication to ensure he had the medications for the start on the Monday. Unfortunately, the best the supplier could was get the special order medication to me as a rush for the Monday morning. Turns out, as the patient had been in hospital, and the Nursing Home Manager Dave told me that Joe had four days worth of medication at the home. I prepared the rest of the medication. Checked with the duty pharmacist Roger, who was a regular in the pharmacy, and he agreed, as he had a supply at the home, there was no issue. No need to worry, it wasn't our fault.
So, I finished off what I was doing, and at 10:30 I decided to pick up my nephew to go look at laptops in a local electronics store. So, it's about 2pm and my phone starts ringing. It's the pharmacy owner. He's been away for the past two days as his daughter was moving up to a big city the other side of the country. I thought he was just ringing like he usually does to see if everything is running okay in the pharmacy while he's been away. WRONG! I answer the phone and all I get is abuse.. "Why the F*%# didnt you tell me there was a problem? Your a lying, conniving piece of S&%#! Your fired! Dont bother coming into work Monday!" and hangs up on me. I'm there dumbfounded. What just happened???
I ring him back to ask what happened. He proceeds to tell me that he just got off the phone with the Pharmacy, and they told me what happened. I tried to explain what had happened, and how it wasn't our fault, and that no harm had come to the patient, that the Nursing home Manager Dave and Pharmacist Roger had stated that it wasn't my fault, and that I'd gone out of my way to help them rectify the situation. But no, he didn't want to hear it. I was fired. Effective immediately! I would receive no notice pay as I wasn't entitle to it as he was firing me for "Gross misconduct".
Okay, so where do I go now? Here in the UK, if you lose your job, you have the option to appeal, but the only person to appeal to, would be his wife. No wife is going to overrule her husband. So I do all I can do. I go to the shop on the Monday morning to hand in my keys, and collect my belongings.
Here is where I start my revenge. (Part 1) Remember, I had spent my own money to build the Server for the shop. I had also spent my money to upgrade the shop systems and create two new clients. Well, I decided I wanted to take ALL of my equipment back. The two client PC's I built? Gone! The upgrades to the other two client PC's. Downgraded! As for the server, Well, I couldn't exactly take it as that would cripple the business. I knew I wouldn't legally be allowed to do this. I had to give him "X" amount of days to give me the hardware back, or to buy it from me. So I sent him an invoice for quadruple what I paid to build it. I knew if he wanted to replace it, I would cost double what I invoiced him for it. I also stipulated that the payment needed to be paid within 14 days as I knew it would take him 21 days to get it replaced by another company due to the software that was installed on it. He paid within 7 days!
Next, I go to the local job centre and file for unemployment. When I apply, I'm told that I have to go apply to ACAS. An independant body that deals with employment tribunals. They will view the evidence, and decide if they agree with the employer if it was unfair or not.
So, I apply to ACAS, and I'm told I need to get a letter from my boss explaining why I was fired. So I wrote him a letter asking for this letter, stating that by law he should have given me this letter on the day I was terminated, and that also, by law I should have been given a face-to-face meeting to have been told why I was being terminated.
A few days later, I get a letter by certified mail. In it is a five page letter detailing a number of separate "offenses" that had lead to my termination. (1) He was accusing me of lying to the staff at the nursing home regarding the situation, and stated that Dave had requested that I been taken off looking after the home as he felt I was a danger to the patients. (2) Bullying staff within the pharmacy. He stated in the letter that a member of staff, Elsa had put in an official complaint that I had been bullying her and that he was going to have been speaking to me on the Monday to fire me anyway. And (3) Making major errors with patient medications leading to patient harm. All of it made up to make it look like he had no choice but to fire me "to protect the patients".
So, He wants to play that game huh?
I send the letter onto ACAS, and ask them if I can have a few days to get the information I need to discredit everything he states in his letter. They say, that I have 14 days to get the information and after that, they will need to make a decision.
OK, game on! I Went to see Dave, the Manager of the care home and asked him what Marv had told him of the situation. He told me that he hadn't spoken to Marv about the situation, and that he hadn't even been told I wasn't working for the Pharmacy anymore. Marv had just said I wasn't available when he called. I then explained to him what had happened, and he was furious. He agreed to write me a letter of commendation to give to ACAS. He also agreed to include with it a letter refuting any claims Marv was making about the situation being my mistake, and also included proof in the form a redacted reprimand for a member of staff in the Nursing home for not doing his job properly which lead to the situation. Also, Revenge Part 2, Dave was so annoyed with Marv for lying to him and Me that he called the pharmacy and told them that effective immediately, all prescriptions would be going to a different pharmacy. This cost Marv a contract worth £20,000 a year.
As for the bullying? While me and Elsa had in fact gotten off on the wrong footing when she started 6 months previously, What Marv didn't know was that we had actually started dating. We had kept it a secret as we didn't want it to be public until it was serious. He had been away from the Pharmacy so much for the past few months, he didn't realise we were getting on like a house on fire. After he had fired me, he had tried to coerce her into signing a letter stating I was bullying her, but she kept saying "I dont want to get involved". She didnt tell him we were dating, because we had other plans.
And what of the "Causing patient harm?" Well, if the letter from Dave wasn't enough, Roger the Pharmacist wrote me a letter refuting everything he had said in the letter. He was a locum pharmacist who had just worked for Marv on a regular basis, but as he worked with me on a daily basis, and rarely saw Marv, when he heard what Marv was saying, he was livid. He stopped working for the Pharmacy and started working elsewhere. It actually meant he got a pay rise as other Pharmacies were willing to pay more.
Once I had all this information, I passed it onto ACAS. To say they weren't impressed with Marv's lies was an understatement. They spoke directly to Dave and Roger, and then finally Elsa. (Revenge part 3). What I haven't mentioned is that Elsa is a 6ft tall, long legged, stunning Scandinavian blonde bombshell. When she applied for the job in the Pharmacy, Marv had hit on her. She was made to feel very uncomfortable, but she just ignored it. She got the job, but Marv kept hitting on her, going right behind her when she was stood at the computer and rubbing up against her. And she was getting really fed up of it. She had made it clear she had a boyfriend, just not who he was. So, when ACAS called up to speak to her, she bared all. She told them that if anything, she was being harrassed by Marv, and she was in tears saying that she felt like she needed to leave the job as he was making things uncomfortable for her. They asked if she had proof, to which she replied that she had CCTV footage to back everything up.
As part of the refurbishment of the Pharmacy, we had installed 16 HD Audio&Video camera's around the pharmacy. I was shown how to use it, and how to use the remote login to upload footage to the remote backup. So over the past two weeks, I had used the login details to download 6 months worth of footage, go through it, and put together a montage of all the times he had sexually harrassed her. It not only showed him rubbing up against her, but heard some of the comments he was making in front of others. They asked us to send the footage over right away, so Elsa just gave them the login details for the site we had uploaded the footage too.
24 hours later a woman called Pauline from ACAS rang back, first to speak to me. They had decided an outcome in my case and wanted to tell me in person, but would write me a letter to confirm it within 2 days. They had found in my favour. I had been fired without cause. I would be paid my 8 weeks notice pay. On top of this, I would also be paid compensation in the form of 1 years salary. a total of just under £20,000. I was gobsmacked! I was only expecting to have been paid for the 8 weeks notice period. But it didnt all end there. Pauline from ACAS wanted to speak to Elsa.
Pauline told Elsa that after reviewing just 1 of the many video's we gave her access to, that she was indeed the subject of sexual harassment, and that as it was being perpetrated by the company director, there was no-one she could realistically report it to, so Elsa was perfectly entitled to quit with immediate effect. Pauline had already filled in the relevant paperwork for Elsa to claim a constructive dismissal claim against Marv, and all Elsa needed to do, was download a file, sign the document, scan it in, and send it back. Pauline would then file the paperwork on her behalf. We did this right away. Elsa was told to ignore any phone calls from the pharmacy. Not to go into work. and wait until she heard back from Pauline.
Final revenge! So, after waiting a few days, Pauline got back in touch. The claim had been filed and approved. Due to the evidence provided, Marv wouldn't have a cause to appeal. Due to the grounds of the claim, Elsa was entitle to compensation for lost earnings, as well as emotional and psychological distress. As she had only been at the company a few months, we were expecting to get maybe a few months pay. She was awarded a full years pay plus another full years pay for the emotional and psychological distress. and as she was actually earning a higher wage and working more hours, this worked out at just under £50,000. She was floored! Definitely not what we were expecting.
Marv was sent notification of the decisions and Pauline had arranged for them both to be delivered at the same time. They were going to be hand delivered by a specialist courier on the Monday morning at 10am. Elsa was told she needed to write a letter of resignation and send that in to the Pharmacy by this date. We decided that we would hand in her notice at the same time as the courier was delivering the notification from ACAS.
So we turned up together on the Monday at 9:50. Walked into the Pharmacy and Elsa asked to speak to Marv. The look on his face was priceless! Like a deer in the headlights. He tried to speak and all he could manage was "uh, Elsa, where have you been?, um, uh, Sux2BeYou, what are you doing here?" Elsa leaned over, gave me a kiss on the lips, and said "He's here for the same reason as me. Here's my letter of resignation" At that very moment, the courier walked in, and asked to speak to Marv. He had him sign for the letters, and left. Elsa turned to Marv and said "You might want to read those now, they seem important". Then we turned and walked out.
In the notification Marv was given 28 days to pay or face further legal action. We were kinda expecting him to fight it, but fortunately not. He paid right at the end of the 28 days.
A few weeks after this all happened, I started a new job working in the IT sector. I was dealing with another larger pharmacy chain in the area and got talking to another locum pharmacist who had been working at the Pharmacy while I was there. He had spoken to Marv a few days previously, and asked why he fired me. Turns out, he didn't actually want to.
He'd dropped his daughter off at Uni on the Saturday Morning before all this kicked off, and was a bit emotional about it. He then rang the pharmacy to ask how things were going and had been told what happened, and he just kinda snapped. He rang me to ask what happened, but as he was emotional, he got upset and just fired me. Turns out, he knew he'd screwed up right away, but rather than be a man and apologise and deal with it, he tried to worm his way out of trouble. Ended up costing him in the region of £80,000 with all the legal fees etc.
Moral of the story. Don't make decisions when your upset.Calm the hell down, then if you still want to make a stupid decision, go for it.
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2020.07.12 18:30 coffeebeanscene Had my first covid Karen mashup.

Short and not sweet.
So it happened, I’ve had my first official at work covid Karen related interaction.
I’m at work, as a bar manager in the uk. Now we’re finally back open, with a lot more rules but business is busy.
We have a booking system in place, FOH and table service (when we are busy) - all new due to covid and social distancing. We are accepting walk in customers as well and have split the bar into two, one side for bookings and the other for walk ins. We’ve also got extra seating outside and are taking precautions ie social distancing and sanitising. We are even offering take away cocktails as were licences to be able too.
All the staff are working hard to keep to the rules, learning new things everyday because the government keeps changing the rules for bars and restaurants as well as adapting and changing things as we learn how to make things flow during this strange time.
Part of this is taking the names and numbers of one person in each group for the track and trace program. Basically so that if an outbreak of covid happens and joe bloggs calls us and let’s us know ‘I’ve been tested and have covid, I came in last week’ we can look at the date and time of him coming into the bar and call everyone who was in the bar at that time to let them know they may have to isolate or be tested. Most people have been pretty good with giving their details, understanding as soon as you say track and trace.
However, today we had 2 Karen’s come into work, they walked in, ignored the hand gel station, walked past all the empty tables and sat at a reserved table and just hid the reserved sign under their shopping bags. They then clicked their fingers at me to beckon me over, although I was already in my way to them with the track and trace list. I stood politely waiting for them to finish talking as they had decided to beckon me over and simultaneously start a new conversation. After about a minute of me standing next to their table waiting I interrupted them.
Me - sorry ladies, can I just interrupt ...
K1 cut me off - but rude but okay, I’ll have a coffee where is your coffee menu? Why isn’t your table prepared?!
Me - well unfortunately due to covid we can’t put our normal menus out, therefore we have paper copies of the cocktail list so we can throw them away after each table leaves to stop cross contamination. Unfortunately we haven’t got a copy of the coffee menu as cocktails are most popular and were trying not to waste too many trees if we can help it.
K2 - well it’s not really helpful is it? What about the rest of us who don’t want to drink in the day?!
Me - I can verbally tell you the coffee options though ( listed off all the coffees and tea options)
K1 - well I want a large black coffee
Me - no problem, an americano it is
K1 - no I said a black coffee!!
Me - That’s fine, that’s what an Americano is.
K2 to me - But I don’t want coffee!!
Me - ..... okay? Well we have the cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine, juices, soda etc? But before I take your order can I just take one phone number and name please?
K1 - no you may not
Me - well, unfortunately ...
K1 cut me off again - unfortunately nothing! ... what do you even want it for?!
Me - it’s for the track and trace, we just need a name and number of one person in the group so that if there is a case of covid we can ....
K1 - yes yes whatever, you think that’s really likely to happen?! I suppose you do, do you?!?
Me - I mean ... I hope not but it’s a possibility.
K1 - well I’m not really sure why you need my details still?!
Me - well then we can contact you and let you know to quarantine or get tested if there is an outbreak.
K2 - I suppose .... but even still
K1 - whatever it’s fine (proceeds to give me her first name and refused second name and then her phone number so fast I had to ask her to repeat it twice which angered her more)
Me - so one coffee and one?
K1 - no!!!! (She says this super slow like I’m a dumbass)
Me - okay, so?
They eventually settle on one lemonade with extra fruit and mint (which isn’t really an option but whatever, keep the peace with Karen) and one sparkling water with ice and a slice, and then complained that she didn’t want ice. K1 also then yelled at me for letting k2 pay for their drinks .... as if I really care who pays ... as long as someone does!!
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2020.07.07 12:42 -hjj- Renting directly from private landlord

I have just paid a holding deposit on a rental property. The landlord is keen to get the tenancy agreement signed and remainder of deposit paid ASAP, subject to me passing reference checks.
I have asked for a copy of the tenancy agreement to read through. He showed me a standardised contract with ‘Joe Bloggs’ where my name would go. Is it reasonable to ask for a personalised copy ahead of time to review in private? Or is it common to read through it while the landlord is waiting/watching?
I also have a couple of items around the property that he will need to fix before I move in. I have his confirmation that he will do them over SMS - is that enough, or does it need to be written into the agreement?
Finally he is asking that this is all done in the next few days. The tenancy will only begin at the start of next month. There will be about 3 weeks gap between me paying the deposit/first months rent and me receiving the keys. Do I just have to have faith that he will show up with the keys at the agreed date/time? How does it usually work? (Perhaps the signed agreement will eradicate my fears?)
First time renting from a private landlord without a middle man, so I’m probably being too cautious. Plus I believe my holding deposit is forfeited if I attempt to purposely delay the process, so I’m trying to not be too difficult.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2020.05.31 22:44 mikejr_reddit EIDL Loan terms explained - Good Summary

EIDL Loan terms explained - Good Summary
Many of you may have received an email portal from SBA to review loan eligibility and review of documents to receive funds. Loan approvals have ranged from $1,000 to $150,000 or more. Many of you have questions about the loan and its requirements. Below are some important terms, guidelines and liabilities for you to consider and be aware of.
Benefits of the loan:
  1. It is a low interest rate for 30 years.
  2. Under $25,000, no collateral or lien is required.
  3. Loan process is simple and straight forward.
  4. No personal guaranty of the owner is required to sign.
  5. If need be, within 2 years from the loan approval date, borrower can request additional funding.
  6. Borrower creates a relationship with SBA for future funding possibility.
Use of the Loan Proceeds:
Borrower MUST USE ALL the proceeds of the loan solely as a capital to help/assist economic injury caused by disaster occurring in the month of January 2020 and continuing thereafter. Therefore, the loan CANNOT be used for personal use or for a different business of the borrower.
Guidelines & Requirement of SBA:
  1. Borrower must obtain and itemize receipts of funds spent and retain paid invoices receipt of funds spent for 3 years.
  2. Borrower must maintain current and proper books of account for most recent 5 years until 3 years after loan is paid in full.
  3. Each year, within 90 days, borrower must furnish to SBA financial statement.
  4. Borrower will not use the funds to relocate the business without consent of SBA.
  5. Borrower shall attempt to obtain financing from other sources and shall notify and keep SBA informed of its status.
  6. Within 1 year, borrower must provide insurance naming SBA as an additional insured.
  7. At the request of SBA, borrower to provide a statement “Accountant’s Review Report” prepared by accountant.
  8. Borrower cannot without consent of SBA make any distribution, transfer, loan or gift, bonus to any third party.
  9. Borrower will, to the extent possible, purchase only American equipment and products.
  1. Business owner cannot sell or transfer business without the consent of SBA. If sold or transferred, SBA consent and payment must be made.
  2. A UCC-1 lien is filed against the business corporation. Thus, if the business is sold, transferred, assigned, then lien must be cleared by paying off the outstanding loan.
  3. If lien against the business, then borrower cannot obtain any additional financing on the same business. Lender may not provide additional funding on top of SBA loan.
  4. If borrower is a real estate company and if there is an existing mortgage against the property, then receiving SBA loan can be a default on the mortgage already against the business/property.
  5. If Borrower fails to pay the loan then, borrower’s credit rating will be effected, thus preventing borrower to obtaining additional funding.
  1. Borrower shall be civilly liable in an amount equal to one and one half times the original loan amount.
  2. False statement or misrepresentation to SBA may result in criminal, civil or administrative sanction, including fines or prison or both.
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2020.05.06 20:58 gdcinuk Looking for a formula to extract the nth value from a cell that contains a string of text where the data is separated by commas

Looking for a formula to extract the nth value from a string of text containing data separated by commas.
I'm looking to achieve this by using a formula. (Not looking to use a Macro or the Text to Columns function to facilitate this)
Solution so far:
The cell where the data is dumped is named: "CSVOutput"
example of data in the cell CSVOutput is:
"id, 1000000, title, Mr, fullName, Joe Bloggs, dateOfBirth, 01/01/1979, postCode, AB1 1AB, addressLine1, 1 The Street, addressLine2, , addressLine3, , Gender, Male, niNumber, AB123456C"
In Cell E5, I have used the formula: =TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE(CSVOutput,",",REPT(" ",LEN(CSVOutput))),(D5-1)*LEN(CSVOutput)+1,LEN(CSVOutput)))
In Cell D5, I have a Position Reference.
e.g if I wanted the fullName from CSVOutput, I would enter "6" into D5 and the formula would return "Joe Bloggs"
This all works fine and dandy until the length of CSVOutput is greater than 538 characters. As soon as the length is greater than 538, the formula returns "#VALUE!"
The length of the CSV could be up to 10,000 characters, so i could use a series of formulae to split the CSV into 20 portions then have 20 of the above formula to find the value needed, but there must be a more condensed way of achieving this?
  1. Anyone know any reason why this formula would suddenly error if the length becomes greater than 538 characters?
  2. Any suggestions for a better formula?
Thanks in advance
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2020.05.01 11:51 Fuzzy-Serve I help run a school alumni group - how much info from old (19th & 20th century) school registers can we publish on our website?

We're in England and our motivation is just to save the history of the school. We were thinking we could post just a first name, surname and the decade they were at the school:
eg, Joe Bloggs, 1890s; Jane Doe, 1920s
As an aside, it's quite bizarre the info that they used to record:
First name, Surname, Date Of Birth, Address, Start Date, Leaving Date, Father's Occupation, Previous School
There's no way I'd want to post all that info but I feel like we might be on shaky ground publishing anything at all for people who may still be alive?
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2020.04.10 10:23 RaniPuspita 11 Ugly Truth About Cortina Wallpaper Cortina Wallpaper

Following the abounding visible, overall performance, and anatomic updates to Google’s Android belvedere over the aftermost 12 months by myself, as in a position-bodied as the above UI evaluation in Apple’s iOS 7, Windows Phone turned into the aftermost real above adaptable OS in charge of a few new completing touches.
Theater Wallpaper: Imágenes, fotos de stock y vectores Shutterstock – cortina wallpaper cortina wallpaper
That’s surely what the belvedere will anon accept already the Windows Phone eight.1 amend rolls out to the public.
Currently all of us can download the developer exam to get a feel for what the abutting edition of Windows Phone will feel and attending like. Our personal Adam Lein and Michael Fisher spent the aftermost six canicule tinkering with the brand new OS. Their thoughts at the replace, in full, may be beheld within the video evaluate, arise ahead this morning.
As absolute as that video may be, abounding of you are suitable apprehensive what the aerial credibility of the amend are. What are the best critical and absorbing look of the 8.1 replace? Read on to peer for your self!
Cortina roja del teatro foto de archivo. Imagen de wallpaper .. cortina wallpaper
Essentially, one of the best arresting look introduced to eight.1 is Microsoft’s acknowledgment the to the voice-powered agenda abettor casework start on the 2 above competitive systems: Siri on iOS and Google Now (to be had on each Android and iOS).
Named afterwards an AI appearance from the generic Halo formidable collection, her call is Cortana.
Cortina Wallpaper Soponcity – cortina wallpaper cortina wallpaper
As I defined a few weeks ago and Adam Lein abundantly covered in a actual in-depth, absolute evaluation earlier these days, Cortana is array of the all-critical average area amid the snarky Siri and antiseptic acknowledgment accustomed via Google Now. The articulation of Cortana is (in part) powered with the aid of the actual aforementioned articulation delivered from the games, Jen Taylor, and accustomed the in a position prompts, she will be able to acknowledge with a amusing answer. But Cortana is plentiful introduced like Google Now in that she learns you, your habits, your interests, and your accord to brought humans. As such, Cortana can larger serve you as a time table assistant, accouterment you some distance added accordant and normal advice than Siri.
What’s introduced is the Notebook affection of Cortana, which offers you added cellophane and diminutive ascendancy over the advice and casework than with Google Now.
To see what all Cortana can do and the way it compares to the aggressive contextual agenda assistants, be abiding to analysis out our brought Cortana insurance.
Descargar gratis cortina, rojo, ciego, cubrir Fondos de escritorio .. cortina wallpaper
One of the high-quality standout look of Windows Phone – the Modern UI – has moreover been on of the best attached features. From the beginning, customization options be given been sure aloof a few features: a sure cardinal of emphasis colours and the adjustment and admeasurement of the Live Tiles.
With Windows Phone eight.1, the reigns over domestic awning customization be given been abandoned … barely.
Descargar gratis cortina, rojo, ciego, cubrir Fondos de escritorio .. cortina wallpaper
You can now baddest a
11 Ugly Truth About Cortina Wallpaper Cortina Wallpaper – cortina wallpaper
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iPhone Wallpaper Bühnenvorhänge, Sprechen, Daf – cortina wallpaper cortina wallpaper
Stock Photo Cortinas, Telones de fondo y Planos – cortina wallpaper cortina wallpaper
from WordPress
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2020.03.16 04:56 bigskymind One to many relationship in wordpress

I have a Client CPT and a Client Notes CPT.
Client CPT has custom fields: name, DOB etc
Client Notes CPT has custom fields for text entry and date entry.
Each client can have multiple client notes associated with them.
All client and client_notes posts are created / edited / deleted via the front end by users. Clients and associated notes
I have Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Plugin and ACF Pro.
The wrinkle I'm hitting is allowing the user to create a client_record that is linked to the client they are working on.
For instance, a user creates a new client "Joe Bloggs" with an address, DOB etc and then wants to log a client note for today say.
I'm trying to envisage how this can all be done from the front-end for a user? Any thoughts on approaching this solution.
submitted by bigskymind to Wordpress [link] [comments]

2020.03.04 20:00 jofema9560 Email @ Helpline Number ☎ 𝟏𝟖𝟕𝟕-𝟑𝟐𝟑-𝟖𝟑𝟏𝟑] 𝐆𝐞𝐭 𝐀𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐄𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥 𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐝𝐣𝐢𝐨

Top Email Signature Contact Details DOs & DON'Ts
Email signature contact details matter above all other signature elements. They give all recipients valuable information for getting in touch with you as well as details on your overall company structure.
Make sure you follow best practice by following our top 10 email signature contact details DOs & DON'Ts and turn your email signature into an electronic business card.
  1. DON’T include everything
Only include ESSENTIAL contact details within an email signature. These include name, job title, company name and address, phone number, website URL and email address. Too much contact information can comes across as slightly desperate.
Also, only ever use four to seven lines for contact information. If you use any more than this, it will make the signature harder to read and look untidy. Just remember that less is always more!
  1. DO include a full name on every signature
Did you know that just over 30% of professionals don’t even include their name in their email signature? Not very professional, is it?
As a standard rule, all users must have their first and last name appear at the top of their email signature without exception. The name should always be their proper name, not a nickname. If a user so wishes, a middle name or initial can also be included.
  1. DO make sure all contact details are up-to-date
The main purpose of an email signature is to provide contact information to recipients over email. If an email signature does not include up-to-date information in it, it becomes somewhat redundant.
People change job roles, phone numbers change and organizations move offices, so make sure this is reflected in your organization’s email signatures. Ideally, you will want to take the contact details of every user from your Active Directory to ensure they are correct.
  1. DON’T forget to include your email address with a ‘mailto:’ link
It is often thought to be pointless to include an email address in an email signature. You can clearly see who an email is from by looking in the ‘From:’ field, right?
Well, some email clients like Outlook use display names rather than email addresses to improve readability and familiarity. So, when an email is forwarded onto another person, the display name will appear rather than the email address e.g. ‘[email protected]’ would be shown as just ‘Joe Bloggs’, which is not much use if you want to email that person.
The best way to avoid this is to include an email address and link it with a ‘mailto:’ link to make it easy for someone to send an email to the original sender.
  1. DO have different signatures for internal and external recipients
This is especially important if you have multiple office locations or you have a large number of employees. You don’t need to include the company address, but having your job title, department and extension number makes it easier for other colleagues to contact you.
  1. DON’T include personal information
This is a work email signature, not a place to promote your personal Twitter page. Personal data about yourself should not be used for business purposes or to communicate with professional associates. They probably won’t even be interested in what you have to say and you probably won’t want them knowing how to contact you every hour of the day.
  1. DON’T forget to check the rules
Depending on where you are based, your email signature may need to include additional information such as a company registration number, office address and VAT number.
In many European countries, the above are legal requirements, so don’t run the risk of your organization getting fined. Make sure you do your research and find out what rules apply to your company so you can apply the right content to your email signatures.
  1. DO consider adding a photo
Used by a lot of people who work within real estate, finance and law, a photo in your email signature adds a much more human touch to corporate email communications. Without a photo, you are a faceless entity on the other side of an email message.
Letting people see what you look like is a great way to increase trust and build positive business relationships.
  1. DO have different signatures for different departments/locations
Do you have sales people who are out of the office a lot? Do you have employees working in different office locations? Ensure this is reflected in their email signatures especially if you have people based in a number of geographic locations.
Keep everyone happy by letting each team use a different template to suit their email signature needs. Give extra branding to the marketing team’s signature but a promotional banner to the sales team.

10. DON’T do it yourself

If this all sounds too daunting, don’t worry. There are third party email signature software solutions that can do all of the hard work for you.
Using an email signature solution means you will always get consistent email signature contact details like names, departments and job titles pulled from your Active Directory/Google Directory. You can also precisely control email signature designs and easily vary them for different teams/departments.
submitted by jofema9560 to u/jofema9560 [link] [comments]

2020.02.22 06:08 rcgy svoptions passing strings to use as variables

So, I'm trying to make a package that creates the frontmatter for musical scores; this involves a fair few different things that I need to pass to the style- composer, length, date of composition, instrumentation, etc.
Ideally, it would look something like
``` \documentclass[
title={My Title}, composer={Joe Bloggs}, length={4'33"}, dateofcomposition={1999}, instrumentation={solo piano} 
^that's some pseudocode, of what I'd like the user to be able to plug in to produce the required frontmatter.
So, I'm aware that I should be using kvoptions to pass options to the class, but am having some difficulties with the conditional logic side of things. I'd especially like to include failsafes, such as assuming that the copyright holder is the composer, unless there's one specified- a simple if, but I'm not sure how to construct it. Any help would be much appreciated.
submitted by rcgy to LaTeX [link] [comments]

2020.02.06 18:05 SarahC MD5 hash used as authentication/anti-tamper value.

I was wondering about the in's and out's of this security issue we have.
The date and username get sent in plaintext over the network, with an "Auth" value that's the MD5 hash of the date text + username text + a secret (Like "jfKH83£%GJ")
The computer on the other end checks the username and date haven't been tampered by recalculating the MD5 because it also knows the secret text value too.
I know collisions with MD5's have been found since 2004, but wondered just how hard would it be for someone to change "SarahC" as the username to "JoeBloggs" and still create the same hash by altering the date text too? The date doesn't matter but the username being tampered with is huge!
For instance I mean the date could be "01/02/023jkd fj£"HJFash" if that's what's needed to create a collision?
Dim strAuth As String = MD5DAO.generateMD5HashForString(date & username & secret) 
submitted by SarahC to crypto [link] [comments]

2019.12.02 10:23 Rumbuck_274 But....that's what they're used for....

Ok, so we're going through an enormous fleet change at the moment (yes,this is a Pogue story, get over it Warfighters :P)
Anyway, the big ex for the year rolls around and me and my busted knee are stuck back in barracks, but I can still drive (huzzah?)
Anyway, one of the best parts of this new fleet is the flat rack loading system which others have had for fucking forever, but we're behind the curve.
Now the way we've been accounting for these is a quantity tracking, we're supposed to have say, 50, as long as we have 50, we're good.
Idea being I roll in with my truck, dump the full one, grab an empty one, any empty one and head home. In and out,20 minute adventure
Anyway, there's a lot to be said for being a decade long digger, cancers busted knees,etc. Plus I like being behind the wheel, not dealing with absolute spastics everyday, unfortunately, the spastics have a bad habit of getting sent on promotion courses so their unit doesn't have to deal with them, then they can promote then and get them posted.
So, in comes CPL Spastic with her grand plan, I'm to drive 8 hours to the delivery at the excercise staging area, sleep a night, then push on another 8 hours round trip to deliver the stores, sleep another night at the staging area,then come home empty.
Now, I'm not a smart man, but I've done my time in Ops (because where do battle units put broken people? Go, shred paperwork in ops, and as a result I ingratiated myself with the OPSO, who actually didn't have a resident truckie to discuss trucks with, so my crippled arse got a desk)
Anyway, not really caring to spend 3 days away on A2 day job, and knowing what the OPSWO had said "An empty truck is the most expensive truck", I clicked off a quick text while having a smoke, sweet.
So I go back to CPL Spastic and let her know, "So I've heard from CPL Bloggs that they have 12 pallets to come back, they can meet me at [Staging Area] tomorrow night, we swap flat racks, we rack out, then I'm back in 2 days and they have their stuff a day early"
CPL Spastic "You are not to swap flat racks under any circumstances"
Me: "Why not?"
CPL Spastic: "Something something serviceability inspections something something can't crossload with other units"
Me: "'s our unit..."
CPL Spastic "Doesn't matter, from Ops, we've been told we can't swap flat racks, no matter what happens"
Me (Knowing the OPSWO isn't that retarded, you don't do 37 years as an idiot): pulls out phone, dials OPSWO on speaker "Hey Sir, just to double check on flat rack swapping, so CPL Bloggs has a backload, I'm running up tomorrow with this, am I right to swap a field rack for barracks rack and that'll still be sweet?"
OPSWO: Yeah sure, as long as they're both in date, make sure you take one up that's longer than they have and we'll get that one checked as soon as it's back for a quick turnaround
Me: Sure, no worries, cheers, bye
CPL Spastic: Stares daggers and storms off
Like....I know she's only been in 5 years to my 10....but seriously, common bloody sense is key to a well functioning unit. As they say, prior preparation and planning prevents piss poor performance.
Anyway, Manning came out, guess who is my CPL next year....this will be fun....
submitted by Rumbuck_274 to TalesFromTheMilitary [link] [comments]

2019.11.13 11:44 StickDoctor Help required to create a unique list of values based on a date

Hi all,
At my current job we have what we refer to as a training matrix. This is an excel spreadsheet consisting of roughly 60 columns x 150 rows.
Data is inputted in this form daily and consists of nothing more than a date value.
The problem I need to address is providing a quick way to identify what training is due to expire or coming up for renewal.
The matrix looks as follows and unfortunately cannot be changed:
Name Title Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Joe Blogg Worker 12/2/2019 22/2/2064 17/10/2015 Jay Blogg Worker 01/02/2019 17/8/2015 19/10/2019 Joe Blogg Worker 12/2/2019 22/2/2064 17/10/2015 Jay Blogg Worker 01/02/2019 17/8/2015 19/10/2019
etc etc
Is there anyway that I can create a dynamic list that follows the following logic - If date in array is equal to today's date + 30 or less than today's date show me name of employee, date, and course title.
Index Match seems to be the way to go, I just can't figure it out to do it dynamically.
My level is intermediate.
submitted by StickDoctor to excel [link] [comments]

2019.10.25 16:34 jamesm_1 Password expiry script

I'm creating a password expiry script for a certain OU for remote workers.
Param ( [string]$Path = "OU=XXXX", #OU path determining who receives the password expiry email [string]$FromAddress = "XXXX", #Address email sent to users will come from [string]$Subject = "Your password is due to expire", #Subject of email sent to users [string]$SMTPServer = "", #Email server to send from [string]$Port = "587" #Port used to send email ) #Import AD Module Import-Module ActiveDirectory #Find accounts in AD and create variable called $Users $Users = Get-ADUser -filter {Enabled -eq $True -and PasswordNeverExpires -eq $False -and PasswordLastSet -gt 0} ` -Properties "Name", "EmailAddress", "msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed" -SearchBase $Path ` Select-Object -Property "Name", "EmailAddress", ` @{Name = "PasswordExpiry"; Expression = {[datetime]::FromFileTime($_."msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed").tolongdatestring() }} #Create dates at which emails will be sent $SevenDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(7).ToLongDateString() $ThreeDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(3).ToLongDateString() $OneDayWarnDate = (get-date).adddays(1).ToLongDateString() #Credentials to send email from O365 $AdminName = "XXX" $Pass = Get-Content "C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\PowerShell Scripts\O365 Login.txt" ConvertTo-SecureString $Cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $AdminName, $Pass #Email body $EmailBody = "Hi $($User.Name), Your password is due to expire in $days days. Please change your password. To do this: 1. Connect to the VPN 2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard 3. Select 'Change your password' and enter the new password you'd like Please note, this will change your email password and you may be prompted to enter this in Outlook and/or on your mobile phone. If you have any problems then please contact XXXX. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL. Thanks, XXXX" #Checking password expiration date for users and sending email on match foreach ($user in $users) { if ($user.PasswordExpiry -eq $SevenDayWarnDate) { $days = 7 Send-MailMessage -To $user.EmailAddress -From $FromAddress -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Credential $Cred -Subject $Subject -Body $EmailBody -Priority High -UseSsl } elseif ($user.PasswordExpiry -eq $ThreeDayWarnDate) { $days = 3 Send-MailMessage -To $user.EmailAddress -From $FromAddress -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Credential $Cred -Subject $Subject -Body $EmailBody -Priority High -UseSsl } elseif ($user.PasswordExpiry -eq $OneDayWarnDate) { $days = 1 Send-MailMessage -To $user.EmailAddress -From $FromAddress -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Credential $Cred -Subject $Subject -Body $EmailBody -Priority High -UseSsl } else {} } 
I've created an AD account with my email address and name and tested within the ISE. When I do that, the script works fine. I get an email which is addressed to myself with all the relevant content in the body of the email.
However, when I run the script outside of the ISE I get an email which instead of saying: "Hi Joe Bloggs, ..." and "Your password is due to expire in 7 days." just says "Hi , ..." and "Your password is due to expire days."
Can anyone help? I'm sure there's plenty of ways to improve the script itself so any pointers would be appreciated, also.
submitted by jamesm_1 to PowerShell [link] [comments]

2019.08.12 18:04 Hawksface Weird Document Library View/GroupBy issue with DateTime columns

Bit of a weird one, but has anyone else come across this issue when grouping a Document Library by DateTime on a Modern Team Site on SPO (not tested a Comms Site at time of writing)?
  1. Edit view > Group By
    1. Any text-based column (e.g. Modified By)
    2. Any DateTime column (e.g. Modified)
  2. Save
  3. Browse through the groups by clicking on the grouping text, NOT the arrows
  4. When getting to the DateTime group, instead of loading a view with the documents of the expected DateTime, you get a blank list of documents
    1. The breadcrumb trail shows something similar to "Documents > Joseph Bloggs > Jose-ph- B", where it appears to have tried coverting the text from the previous grouping to a YYYY-MM-DD date.
Note: Grouping the DateTime column FIRST works fine, it only happens when it's second and when you browse by clicking on the text instead of the arrows (to expand the tree, which also works fine).
I've contacted MS Support, but wondered if anyone else had also noticed this issue.
submitted by Hawksface to sharepoint [link] [comments]

2019.08.04 01:26 ParisHL FRL03WT - Winter Testing Preview & Submission Guide

Track Information

Track Layout
Track Full Name: Dubai Autodrome GP
Location: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Length: 5.390
GPS Co-Ordinates: 25.050633 55.239129

Car Parts Relied On

Floor Rear Wing Suspension Brakes Front Wing
24% 26% 23% 13% 14%

Sim Date

Day 1: 9th August 2019
Day 2: 10th August 2019
Day 3: 11th August 2019

Race Weekend Strategy Submissions

User Activity
All team owners are checked for activity after each race weekend. From the commencement of the season, team owners that are inactive will receive the following penalties.
A team owner can give prior notices for inactivity, for example a holiday or a known loss of internet connections. In such a case the team boss will not receive warnings. The notices have to be given by the team owner themselves to the FRL Presidents, others cannot do that for him/her! Also absences need to be reasonable in time and reason!
All warnings and strikes will be reset back to zero at the start of each season.
Winter Testing Strategy
Prior to the Winter Testing weekend, you can submit a strategy, which will allow you to replace your main drivers with any of your test drivers and/or youth drivers for one or more of the three testing days, as well as testing your team's car setup.
Set-up hours and engine mode do not carry over to the regular season.
Setup Points
There are two areas of the car for each user to set up, engine mode and chassis work. Higher BHP in the engine mode will increase a cars top speed whereas more set up time invested in chassis work will increase overall speed.
The user can spend between -40 and +40 BHP in both qualifying and the race for each car each weekend. At the end of the season teams will be charged 0.01m per BHP over zero when totalled. Teams will be advised how much they have spent in total each race.
1 ‘bhp’ setup point = 0.020s per lap quicker, roughly. For example, +40 BHP points in Qualifying will make the car concerned 0.800 seconds a lap quicker. Spending more BHP will also make your car more unreliable while spending less will make your car more reliable but also slower.
Users will also have a total of 128 hours of setup to spend on each car for either Qualifying or the Race for each weekend with a maximum of 8 hours per session. Teams can also upgrades their Mechanics Training Facility under factories to increase the effectiveness of chassis set up.
1 setup hour spent at a base level Mechanics Factory is a 0.035s per lap improvement, roughly. For example 8 hours spent in Qualifying at a Level 1 Factory will make the car concerned 0.320s a lap quicker.
Once a team has exhausted their hours on a particular car, they cannot submit anymore setup hours but teams are also under no obligation to use all of their allocation.
If you sub out one of your main drivers for a Test or Youth Driver, they will have their setup points allocation halved, but it will still cost your the same amount of setup points. For example, if you allocate 8 hours each for both Qualifying and Race, but sub out the Main Driver for a Youth Driver, your setup increase will only be 4 and 4.
A driver must drive the car they have driven the most in that season.
How to Submit
Private Message the FRL Presidents in Discord via your private team channel with the following:
- Car A
Day 1 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
Day 2 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
Day 3 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
- Car B
Day 1 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
Day 2 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
Day 3 Driver:
Engine Mode:
Chassis Setup Hours:
As an example, your submission could look something like this:
- Car A
Day 1 Driver: John Smith
Engine Mode: +20
Chassis Setup Hours: 8
Day 2 Driver: John Smith
Engine Mode: 0
Chassis Setup Hours: 0
Day 3 Driver: John Smith
Engine Mode: -40
Chassis Setup Hours: 7
- Car B
Day 1 Driver: Frank Bloggs
Engine Mode: 0
Chassis Setup Hours: 0
Day 2 Driver: Johnny Commons
Engine Mode: +14
Chassis Setup Hours: 1
Day 3 Driver: Johnny Commons
Engine Mode: -24
Chassis Setup Hours: 5
Submission Deadline
submitted by ParisHL to frl [link] [comments]

2019.07.25 01:03 sa007sammy A banker goes a-banking, volume 4: GDPR for the masses

My adventures in the land of appalling customer care continue
For those who enjoyed the series this far, my adventures in the land of appalling customer care continue.
In the space of one week, I had:
HSBC refusing to accept the form of ID I have used every other time I needed to transact. Then refusing to acknowledge my signature because it looked “slightly wobblier”. Then telling me that if I need cash I need to apply for it. Then giving me a brand new form never seen before.
Then wondering why I am annoyed.
NPower culminating five months of weird correspondence in an email that said they know I used to be their customer, they know my tenants used to be their customer, they know I have made 17 attempts to move the account back to my name since the tenants moved out but they can’t find the meter so they will lock it (although they can’t find it) until I provide a copy of the tenancy agreement which they are not allowed to have (GDPR anyone?), which does not contain the information they want and which doesn’t solve the problem which is not a dispute
over the date I moved in but their ability to tie the meter (which for some reason they think is in Leeds) to the billing address (which we agree is in London).
Why are you bothering? Everyone knows this is how it goes.
Fun facts.
Both issues started inching towards resolution when I tweeted about them (hence why I am naming both suppliers here: the cat is out of the bag). Letters, calls, emails and following due process meant endless hours of waiting, being treated like a nuisance and being
told that no help could be offered: I would have to suck it up, pay a fee for the things NPower couldn’t do, suffer a delay for the things HSBC wouldn’t do. Come back. Call back. Start from scratch.
But a single tweet and all of a sudden the meter is located and the relevant team at HSBC is offering to call me if I can authenticate who I am via a system I have never seen before. Because that is what you need, HSBC, more variation in your process.
Just move to British Gas, was a friend’s advice.
I can explain why we have those problems, said a former HSBC insider.
That’s not the point.
Switching is always an option but hardly a solution to the bigger problem.
Plus, I understand why they have those problems. It is actually my job to understand and fix exactly those problems.
But the reason I am writing about it (other than it is cathartic) is that my experiences are typical and representative. Who I am is neither typical nor representative and if issue resolution needs you to be a loud industry voice with friends who can cause extremely uncomfortable publicity then you are selling people’s grandmother’s short and I cannot have that. I just cannot have that.
What’s a drop in the ocean?
Millions of customers.
What if my 17 attempts at getting NPower to take my hard-earned cash were met with idiotic answers (yes, we know the property has been an NPower customer for 13 years, yes, we saw the picture of the meter you sent us, yes we can see the billing address, but we can’t find it, please hold), I am but one customer.
What if my five attempts at withdrawing cash from HSBC were met with unhelpful staff and a different process each time? I am but one customer. And what do customers know about KYC?
Quite a lot.
And my issue is not that the process failed. It’s not even that NPower couldn’t find the meter (although how on earth is that possible will remain a mystery forever more). My issue is that the way I was treated was dismissive, reliant on the fact that it was ok to say no to my requests if the relevant field was filled out in an office form. It was ok to hide behind nonsense requests if they sounded plausible. It was ok to ignore regulation (you cannot ask for a copy of a contract that doesn’t concern you and in the absence of consent from all relevant parties, NPower) and you cannot refuse to accept a form of ID “because you have never seen it before”, scary as your supervisor may be (especially when the cashier next to you accepted it last week and you have a copy of it on record as ID associated with my account).
But how many consumers feel confident to say no to the requests of a large corporate?
How many people know enough to say to NPower this would violate GDPR provisions? How many people know enough to challenge the HSBC employee on their KYC record keeping and due process?
Not many.
So intimidation works. And it becomes more than a tactic: it becomes a default reflex. And that is insidious and unacceptable.
Because when I pushed back and flagged the regulatory issues that meant that not only was customer service broken, the way it was broken raised potential breaches in process that were serious and going much beyond the insignificant single customer, I got blank looks. Confused stares. Pushback or apologies and the refrain: this is above my paycheck.
Which I accept of the person behind the counter or at the other end of the phone line.
But I don’t accept it of the organisation.
If you put someone in a client facing role then facing and interfacing with the client is exactly the level of their paycheck. And having the information required, the tools required and the knowledge required is part of what the organisation needs to provide
them, alongside their paycheck.
And although we all know that those jobs are the worst affected by cost cutting, because the “value add” they are thought to provide in the grand scheme of things is negligible, I would question the long term viability of this approach.
Not because I am making it my business to out all terrible customer service experience (I am spent, seriously, this is not a mission I want, make it stop) but because for every painful conversation I have, that takes 17 escalations to get somewhere, I know my elderly neighbour will get nowhere.
My mother will get nowhere.
Someone without the entitlement of knowledge, an education, terrifying vocabulary and an inside knowledge of the European data protection legislative framework as well as excruciating detail on regulatory binds for banks, without all this, you are an insignificant dot in a massive landscape and the corporate service providers make sure you know it.
And that’s not ok.
I don’t care how complicated it is. It is fixable.
I don’t care how expensive it is. You can afford it.
I don’t care that my problems got fixed in the end (ok, I do, but you know what I mean). I care that the way I ended up fixing them cannot be replicated by Joe Bloggs. And high street banking is for Joe. Being on the electricity grid is for Joe. The digital era is, finally, for Joe. And providing snazzy campaigns on the sides of buses and jazzy apps for media review, counts for little when the legacy organisation’s approach to customer care rests on “you are one customer in many and you don’t matter all that much, we can afford to ignore, upset and fail to help you”.
A drop in the ocean isn’t much. But that is all the ocean is.
And although the digital era doesn’t give everyone the means to protest the way I do, it does increasingly give them the option to vote with their feet. And the window big companies have to start looking at the ocean differently is closing. And the sea change is coming.
And I will be cheering it on every step of the way.
And until Joe Bloggs can deal with service providers without feeling intimidated, messed around and frustrated, we are not done.
The digital era is enabling.
The digital era is inclusive.
The digital era is here.
It is time we gave some respect back to the drops that make the ocean.
By Leda Glyptis********
Leda Glyptis is FinTech Futures’ resident thought provocateur – she leads, writes on, lives and breathes transformation and digital disruption as chief of staff at 11:FS and CEO of 11:FS Foundry.She is a recovering banker, lapsed academic and long-term resident of the banking ecosystem.All opinions are her own. You can’t have them – but you are welcome to debate and comment! Follow Leda on Twitter @LedaGlyptis and LinkedIn.
* More Details Here
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2019.06.28 15:17 JaiBones OculusSetup.exe - Error: Unable to Start Process

OculusSetup.exe - Error: Unable to Start Process
[EDIT] FIXED - It was the SPACE character left over in the C:\Users\Joe Bloggs folder tree (I'd long since renamed to just 'Joe')

Hi, sadly my first post on this sub is for a support issue. Concerning the original Oculus Rift + Windows 10
I've been trying to install the Oculus software for hours now, and I all I keep getting is a small dialogue box stating "Error - Unable to Start Process", OculusSetup.exe will not even attempt to start. I know my PC meets the requirements and I downloaded the compatibility checker anyway - all green ticks.
The setup software just isn't initialising.
I've tried: Disabling AV Compatibility mode, Updating all drivers (mobo, GPU etc), Updating Windows (it was up to date), Ensured there is 60+GB on C drive, Disabled all unnecessary background applications, Tried to update all C++ / .Net ReDistributions (they were anyway), I also tried to make a new Windows user with admin...

I've tried to install it on my son's gaming laptop, and it works fine...
My PC specs (old CPU/mobo I know but as I said, still meets req's)
  • 2500K (overclocked to 4GHz)
  • Asus P8-Z68 Pro
  • MSI Vega 56 (Yeah, bottlenecked... I know)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD (+ 64GB SSD as cache using RST)
  • 500GB SSD
  • 1050W PSU
  • Inateck USB 3.0 PCIe card (to get around another issue with USB)
  • Windows 10 64-Bit

Any help much appreciated as I'd really like to use my wheels & pedal setup and race some VR (can't do that with the laptop as all ports are used)
submitted by JaiBones to oculus [link] [comments]

2019.06.10 08:33 mxslvr Featured Artist of the Week No. 30 - G Jones

Hi edm! Welcome to the next installment of the Weekly Featured Artist Post. Our featured artist this week is G Jones!
Few artist of electron genera sounds quite the same as G Jones. Site influence as Epormm, Bossnector, JD Shadow Carmack, as part as rich music community internet culture, Jones taking to the next sound a sense of fresh breath air. A staple Aemercan touring DJ circuit, known as playing for Red Rocks, Shambhalbma, Lite Bottle, Burning Man, like many other world renowned festivities, his live set and frqenutlytly touring schedule abmition as to a true new sound.
Haivng start Cafliornia, Jones first relese unto scene mix "new betas 2012" and singles stream. Flowing success of initial soung pieces, firstling release EP on German music label Saturate October 212. Great cirtical soundclouds tell for Jonsie keep to making new songs for the times. Contnaution "Transion" and "E yes EP" on Mablbel and Robot Nanotekk, respective, 2013 saw as G Jones continue defy espectations, push the limits on so called "real trapy shit" so obsolete putting to rest contrived ideas of EDM culture and sound. 2014 saw claimed critical EP "Ring the Alarm", again Saturate, loud songs, etc. Next first national bussing tour on Minnesota "Mid Machamine", saw G break onto a new platform of audience, tour reletlesly as years to come, as great expense of personal health and sleep.
2015 saw new Jones on work of artist of worldwide respect. Having first work Bossnoctor remixers "Don't Hate '08", later with JD Shadow "Clicky Nitesckool" (critical claim of Role Stone, Billboard, many other smart bloggs) and Bossnocter "Mystery Pot" Jnoes' rise to promise of underground music scene cannot be tested. As well releasing too big EP "that odd stomach pit", why he 11 songs calling "EP" never to be sure. Series of open sets for Bossnector solidify G James as having takes to be a difrenet sound tested for the stage, hearing this new for miles around. Quote user of social twitter: "fuck g jones last night was lit".
Starting on 2016, Jones releases one of his mores ambition songs to date, "Fuck What You Heard" flowing successful crossover hit, elements of dubstop, hip-hop any other contemporary style. Herring the song for festive play and sometimes mainstream confusion, some things are just better left unsaid.
In a culture where saying "where is the dorp" having totally irrelevant to 2016, Jone continue to compromising the moment of clarity at a big festival sound systems. Jones rise to defy stereotype electron marketable content, DJ press photo and recap video, instead having placed emphasies where songs happen around the same time as back in his studio, contemplative, taking "no" for an answer. After several interview proves disastrous, Jones finds a socially anxious as frequent reminder of how art's place in society. As some have saying "electron dane music dead" , Jones reminding us, "only the begniiing". Check out his music below:
G Jones - Time
G Jones & EPROM - Hysteria
G Jones - Arbiter’s Theme
Bassnectar & G Jones ft. Lafa Taylor - Mind
G Jones & Minnesota - Thunderdome
What are your favorite tracks? Least favorite? Favorite Sets or mixes? What would you like to see from the artist moving forward? Who would you like to see them collaborate with? Anything else you’d like to add? Discuss!
Previous Featured Artist of the Week threads:
No. 1 - RL Grime
No. 2 - Matisse & Sadko
No. 3 - Oliver Smith
No. 4 - Gorgon City
No. 5 - Phuture Noize
No. 6 - SOPHIE
No. 7 - Denis Sulta
No. 8 - Sumthin Sumthin
No. 9 - Charlotte de Witte
No. 10 - Cold Blue
No. 11 - Habstrakt
No. 12 - Shades
No. 13 - Maurice West
No. 14 - Wax Motif
No. 15 - UZ
No. 16 - Dimension
No. 17 - Eptic
No. 18 - Third Party
No. 19 - ANNA
No. 20 - Simon Patterson
No. 21 - Sub Zero Project
No. 22 - George FitzGerald
No. 23 - Walker & Royce
No. 24 - Herobust
No. 25 - KSHMR
No. 26 - Mr. Carmack
No. 27 - Flume
No. 28 - Vorso
No. 29 - Mind Against
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2019.06.07 12:05 Gbiaye123 XCOYNZ IEO

XCOYNZ identifies three major issues that present a barrier to cryptocurrency adoption. The first one is complexity. The process of acquiring digital assets is not a straight forward one, as a user has to go through multiple steps.
In addition, users have to manage multiple crypto wallets and it is not easy to transfer cryptocurrency to fiat.
Secondly, high cost presents a major barrier to cryptocurrency adoption. Crypto exchange platforms have complicated and high fee structures that blocks out many small-scale crypto investors or traders from using the platforms.
For instance, a Coinbase buyer will have to pay a fee of 149% for a standard buy or 3.99% for an instant buy. Generally, most exchanges charge between 0.1 and 0.5% on all transactions.
Finally, lack of commercial support is another impediment to cryptocurrency adoption. The universal online payment systems currently used do not support cryptocurrencies. Merchants cannot afford the cost of bespoke equipment or new processes required for crypto transactions.
The team behind XCOYNZ believes that cryptocurrency will only replace traditional payment methods when it’s established as simple and beneficial to adopt
For too long, the world of cryptocurrency has been obtuse and opaque, putting off the public and preventing it from taking part in what promises to be a transformation in the world of money. Where Joe Bloggs would struggle with the complexities of the technology at the heart of the cryptocurrency environment, XCOYNZ provides an integrated and simple platform that promises to remove undue complexity, cost and time delays.
Why are we doing an IEO?
The Initial Exchange Offering is a newer but very promising option for the rapid raising of funds, superseding the now dying Initial Coin Offering as the instrument of choice for market capitalisation for the most forward-looking companies. The complexities of aspects such as contracts, marketing and KYC/AML are managed by the exchange. This leads to substantial savings in marketing operations alone, giving companies like XCOYNZ a better financial starting point to develop their project to maturity.
Details of our IEO
Our IEO in partnership with EXMARKETS is in three rounds, a week at a time with a week’s rest in between. The dates of the rounds as follows:
Full details can be found here:
XCOYNZ is among a rare breed of companies that is forward-looking, ambitious and clued up to the challenges of adapting a nascent market into something that is viable for mass adoption by the public. The future is bright and we invite you to take a look at our IEO starting on 9th May 2019. Website
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2019.06.03 15:02 danilhadiwinata Meet the IEO! XCOYNZ IEO

Great interesting project and team! It is worth supporting as an investor the project will be implemented in the near future.
The time of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has come into play in the world of cryptocurrency. There are profound differences between the two, and for both new and more discerning cryptocurrency investors, the latter system of company promotion offers many advantages.
For too long, the world of cryptocurrency has been obtuse and opaque, putting off the public and preventing it from taking part in what promises to be a transformation in the world of money. Where Joe Bloggs would struggle with the complexities of the technology at the heart of the cryptocurrency environment, XCOYNZ provides an integrated and simple platform that promises to remove undue complexity, cost and time delays.
Why are we doing an IEO?
The Initial Exchange Offering is a newer but very promising option for the rapid raising of funds, superseding the now dying Initial Coin Offering as the instrument of choice for market capitalisation for the most forward-looking companies. The complexities of aspects such as contracts, marketing and KYC/AML are managed by the exchange. This leads to substantial savings in marketing operations alone, giving companies like XCOYNZ a better financial starting point to develop their project to maturity.
Details of our IEO
Our IEO in partnership with EXMARKETS is in three rounds, a week at a time with a week’s rest in between. The dates of the rounds as follows:
  • Round 1–09/05/2019 to 16/05/2019
  • Round 2–23/05/2019 to 30/05/2019
  • Round 3–06/06/2019 to 13/06/2019
Full details can be found here:
XCOYNZ is among a rare breed of companies that is forward-looking, ambitious and clued up to the challenges of adapting a nascent market into something that is viable for mass adoption by the public. The future is bright and we invite you to take a look at our IEO starting on 9th May 2019. Website
Bounty0x danilhadiwinata123
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2019.06.01 15:14 danilhadiwinata Meet the IEO! XCOYNZ IEO

The time of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has come into play in the world of cryptocurrency. There are profound differences between the two, and for both new and more discerning cryptocurrency investors the latter system of company promotion offers many advantages.
For too long, the world of cryptocurrency has been obtuse and opaque, putting off the public and preventing it from taking part in what promises to be a transformation in the world of money. Where Joe Bloggs would struggle with the complexities of the technology at the heart of the cryptocurrency environment, XCOYNZ provides an integrated and simple platform that promises to remove undue complexity, cost and time delays.
Why are we doing an IEO?
The Initial Exchange Offering is a newer but very promising option for the rapid raising of funds, superseding the now dying Initial Coin Offering as the instrument of choice for market capitalisation for the most forward-looking companies. The complexities of aspects such as contracts, marketing and KYC/AML are managed by the exchange. This leads to substantial savings in marketing operations alone, giving companies like XCOYNZ a better financial starting point to develop their project to maturity.
Details of our IEO
Our IEO in partnership with EXMARKETS is in three rounds, a week at a time with a week’s rest in between. The dates of the rounds as follows:
  • Round 1–09/05/2019 to 16/05/2019
  • Round 2–23/05/2019 to 30/05/2019
  • Round 3–06/06/2019 to 13/06/2019
Full details can be found here:
XCOYNZ is among a rare breed of companies that is forward-looking, ambitious and clued up to the challenges of adapting a nascent market into something that is viable for mass adoption by the public. The future is bright and we invite you to take a look at our IEO starting on 9th May 2019. Website
Bounty0x danilhadiwinata123
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TRANSGENDER DATING ADVICE - YouTube Dating Advice for Crazy High Schoolers - YouTube How To Keep A Man Chasing You Forever  Dating Advice for ... GIRL TALK : DATING AN INMATE Mo Vlogs - YouTube Jarod's dating video Blog #1 - YouTube Dating blogg - YouTube

Blog - Evan Marc Katz Understand Men. Find Love.

  2. Dating Advice for Crazy High Schoolers - YouTube
  3. How To Keep A Man Chasing You Forever Dating Advice for ...
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Socials: Insta: Itsbellajoie Business Email: [email protected] Just my thoughts and opinions on dating while being transgender based on my experien... Im 21 years old I live in Dubai. On my youtube Channel i am a vlogger. (Dubai youtuber) Business email : [email protected] POSTAL INFORMATION: Al QUO... How To Start A Dating Blog Online Dating Blog Tutorial Link to Bluehost: Disclosure: We receive a commission from B... Hey there! Welcome to Charley’s Blog Life! Charley's Blog Life is a relationship and lifestyle channel. I coach on love, relationship and dating. My advice i... YALL I JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED & MADE THIS VIDEO AS YOU CAN TELL LMAO .....THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT ME DATING SOMEONE WHO IS IN PRISON AND ALL OF THE EMOTIONS THAT COME WITH IT.....COUNTING DOWN THE ... My best Friend Sharing his Wife with me !! New Short Movie 2019 Under 18 Don't Click This Link... - Subscribe Now: 🔔 Stay updated! Li... Jarod from data processing needs a date. Here is his introduction video for a dating website. It's his first time so be nice! See more video's at http://step... Mat Boggs shares dating advice for women and how to make a man pursue you for the long term [with special guest host Mark Rosenfield!] Get More Great Tips - ... Dating advice for high schoolers is one of my most requested videos! Today we talk about all the dating tips I learned during high school so hopefully these ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.